Since becoming the Attorney General, we have seen Baa Tambadou gradually become more and more abrasive. It is in his attitude and in his speech! Just go back and look at his earlier press conferences/interview and compare them to the most recent ones rek. Authority does not equal authoritarian, and Baa is getting increasingly authoritarian by the day!

Of late, Baa has been acting as if he owns the Justice System and is the only one who knows what’s best for The Gambia, with a heightened arrogance nak! We have seen the way Baa acted and how defiant he was after his almost unilateral decision to release the Junglers. His reaction to the public outcry was pathetic and insensitive to the core. Do I need to mention how angry, obnoxious and rude Baa Tambadou was in his press conference when people challenged his acquisition of Diplomatic Passports for his extended family? He cried that people were insulting his mother after he managed to bring her into the national discourse. If your family does need Diplomatic Passports to travel around the world, then why get them one? A Diplomatic Passport is public property and people have the right to ask questions, period!

So I guess because Baa felt devastated that his mother was insulted, he’s now lashing out with a draconian bill to punish anyone who insults him, Adu Boy ak ngin andal. So those working for the government and being paid by public funds are the only ones with mothers? How about if someone insults my mother? They get to go to Mile2 as well? What have these government officials done to deserve such legal protection? Oh, and now Baa also wants to cross the boundaries of the his jurisdiction make the law applicable to those living overseas. Authoritarian daygain tan!

In this context, jurisdiction has to do with geography and the legal authority under that particular geographical location. The Gambia’s judicial system does not have legal authority over someone living overseas, and any law that seeks to give Baa Tambadou legal authority over people living abroad is an unjust law. Now, if the come to Gambia budil len ndey fofu, then your draconian law applies! Clearly, Baa is exhibiting that he is an unjust person. As the Minister of Justice, Baa should be seeking justice for all, not try to mete injustice by drafting draconian laws! We were promised reforms, and now we are getting reinforcements of the same dictatorial laws that almost sank the country. Like Fafa Mbye did for Goloh, Baa too is ready to show Adu the way! Well done Baa! Congratulation!

 But before I go you, let me leave you with this quote from President Obama. “As president of our country, and commander-in-chief of our military, I accept that people are going to call me awful things every day, and I will always defend their right to do so.” I guess justice will not guide Baa’s actions!

 PS: The Gambia Bar Association needs to start challenging these types of laws in the courts and not stand by and watch like they did during Goloh! It’s not all about practicing law and making money.  

Written by Momodou Ndow