By Lamin Njie

Justice Minister Abucacarr Tambadou today told lawmakers it was ‘okay’ for them to not take his word for what it is after his comments the state of emergency proclamations were gazetted.

Gambians lawmakers today could not find common ground over a motion that sought to extend the state of public emergency declared by President Adama Barrow by 90 days. It was brought to the national assembly by the attorney general and minister of justice Abubacarr Tambadou.

At today’s session, NAMs could be heard saying ‘where is the evidence?’ when the attorney general commented that the two state of emergency proclamations by President Barrow were gazetted.

“I hear, ‘where’s the evidence?’ This is the attorney general of the country speaking,” Mr Tambadou said as the national assembly member for lower Baddibu interjected, ‘observation, Madam Speaker’.

Mr Tambadou then continued: “If you don’t take my word for what it is then it’s okay but I have the proclamations here in my docket, that’s gazzetted.”