Sunday, June 23, 2024

April 10 and 11 Massacre and the year 2000 Report That Never Got Released

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It has been eighteen years since Gambian students were massacred by the paramilitary. This incident is still fresh in the minds of many. Most people have forgotten however, that a commission was set up in the aftermath of the event, to investigate, and make recommendations.

This could be, because the details of the report have never been published. Fatu Network has a copy of the report and we will be breaking it down for you.

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The team was headed by Hon Justice Felix Larty, with Mr. Abdul R Cole serving as his secretary. Mr Joseph Wowo and Almami Taal were the two legal counsels attached. It had as members, Mr. Joseph Joof, Rev. Titus Pratt, Mr. JMB Abraham, Mr Bai Ndongo Faal, Aja Ndeye Kumba Sosseh, Alhaji Mommodou Ousman Njie, Alhaji Ousman Jand Mr. Kebba B Sarr.

The team’s main task was to assess and quantify the material loss incurred as a result of the disturbances, make recommendations as to how to avoid a recurrence of such a breakdown. They were also tasked to find out whether any individuals or groups were responsible for the events, identify them and advise accordingly.
Their recommendation, and what has happened since then, will surprise you greatly.

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