Monday, June 17, 2024

Ansumana Jammeh Appears Before Commission Set Up To Look Into His Brother’s Financial Activities

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Ansumana Jammeh, younger brother of the former President Yahya Jammeh has appeared before the commission of inquiry at the Djembe Beach Hotel, Kololi.

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The commission was set up by the new government to look into the financial activities of the former President Yahya Jammeh and his close associates.

Ansumana Jammeh after swearing on the Qur’an, said he does not know the owner of the Alhamdulillah Petroleum Company APAM where he was appointed as Managing Director.

“I don’t know who owned the business. I was appointed by the Office of the President and I was working for the President,” Ansumana Jammeh said.

He added:”I was appointed and sacked by the president. ”

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Jammeh’s appointment and rescinding letters as Managing Director of APAM were admitted and marked as exhibits.

The former president’s younger brother told the commission that the company was engaged in sand mining activities. He was shown his signature on the mining license application which he confirmed. He said he was directed by the former Secretary to Cabinet, Mr. Nuha Touray to go and sign which he did.

“I was directed to opened an account at the Guaranty Trust Bank,” he asserted.

The former president’s brother admitted his role in depositing and withdrawing money from the said account.

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Ansumana Jammeh disclosed that the Alhamdulillah Petroleum Company was sharing the same office with Kanilai Group International KGI at the Standard Chartered Bank building at the Traffic Light Junction, Kairaba Avenue. He said they were not paying any rent.

When asked about the owner of the building he claimed that he does not know.

He added:”The Kanilai Family Farm was owned by President Jammeh.”

The former president’s brother said he was only a shareholder by name but does not play any role.

“I have signed for many companies,” he said.

Jammeh was questioned about the companies called Maligam and Patriot Insurance Company which he claimed are his own businesses, saying they ceased operations because of lack of business.

Mrs. Amie Bensouda, Counsel of Commission further questioned him about the other companies including Royal Africa Holdings, Africard Micro-finance and Africada Airways among others which he said were businesses owned by his friend, Ebrima Sanyang. Subsequently, his friend who was sitting among the audience was asked to leave the hall as he could be a potential witness to the commission.

The former president’s brother also revealed his appointments as Ambassador to Qatar and Executive Director of Jammeh Foundation for Peace.

Meanwhile, the former president’s brother who claimed to be unemployed was ordered by the commission to provide the bank accounts of the businesses and companies mentioned including his own.

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