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Addendum: The Gambia Government Spokesperson Sankareh on West Coast Radio Thursday, September 14

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By: Musa Bassadi Jawara

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Addendum: I revisit below an article published on my Facebook page on September 14, in response to government spokesperson Sankareh’s West Coast Radio interview with Peter Gomez.

I deemed it necessary to add a few lines to it in light of the Inspector General of Police’s press release for taking full responsibility for government spokesperson Sankareh’s utterances. First off, let me seize this moment and extend my heartfelt condolences to IGP Sanyang, this is a difficult period for his department. IGP and his team put their lives in harm’s way for the rest of us to live in a peaceful and secure environment!

To demystify the delusions or misconceptions in IGP’s press release for taking full responsibility for Sankareh’s infamous radio interview. IGP Sanyang, it’s not the factual accuracy of Sankareh’s utterances that are at issue, but for an official of his status to be callously and in an inept fashion divulging information in an ongoing investigation, particularly in a murder case that shook the entire nation.

Sankareh’s conduct is inexcusable. Period! IGP Sanyang, I fervently believe your office must not take responsibility for this morass and sensitive information debacle. Let’s put this in the proper context: what a presidential spokesperson does in the discharge of his official functions, the highest ethical and professional standards must be applied at all times. In this sad situation, two human beings have lost their lives, and one is gravely injured. Professionalism and prudence dictate – investigations are directed to logical conclusions; the suspect made a court appearance before any information release, and so on. For the suspect to be under the employ of the Brikama Area Council, why that’s relevant to the investigation is worrisome and insinuates the culpability of political opponents. It’s despicable and reprehensible and must not be brushed under the carpet.

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After sober reflections on the matter, it’s my optics that the IGP’s office press release cannot repair the damage done to the authenticity and veracity of the investigation. It’s surreptitious for a country’ Republican Institutions to be exposed to so much ineptitude and mediocrity.

There has to be accountability and redirection from National Authorities to reassure the population. The people are tired and hungry! The Gambian people must stop denigrating and excoriating one another!

Let’s put an end to the endless bickering and witch-hunt and, address poverty and insecurity of the citizenry. There is so much work to be done, folks… The Gambia is one of the poorest and, concurrently one of the most vindictive societies on the globe! In this country, our situation and living conditions are saddled with poverty, hopelessness, destitution, insecurity, hunger and illiteracy among others. If we put an end to partisan identity, we must strive to do better and instead focus on helping the Gambian people persevere through hard economic times.

We must reverse this fatalistic course and fashion out a new one with peace and prosperity for all, regardless… party affiliation. All the above must be anchored in and facilitated by the rule of law!

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The Gambia Government Spokesperson Sankareh
on West Coast Radio Thursday, September 14!

Friends, I’m astonished and bewildered with disbelief after listening to the interview by government Spokesperson Sankareh, on West Coast Radio with Peter Gomez. The sheer callousness and cavalier approach by the spokesperson in divulging information obtained by investigators from a murder suspect who is yet to make a court appearance is a major security bridge!

In the United States, a presidential press secretary making these kinds of revelations in an active ongoing investigation will be fired with terrible consequences. Whatever the political endgame at the Statehouse as far as this shooting incident is concerned, must be pursued with prudence and devoid of political manoeuvres. It can boomerang in a competent court of law. For American Juris Prudence, the revelations of Mr. Sankareh would have sent the prosecution’s case on live support!

Let the evidence in the case be presented in court without interference, coercion or manipulation. Evidence tampering and cover-up are deemed more serious than the crime! May God forbid after innocent young souls were mowed down tragically and one suffered terrible wounds!

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