Where is The Gambia heading to? As food and other basic amenities continue to skyrocket with citizens not seeing any solution being taken by the government to address the looming hardship.

Is the government turning a blind eye and deaf ears to this venom trying to plunge hardship on the lives of the public?

It’s worrying and perplexing seeing Gambia still stagnated in development for over five decades. All what the citizens hear from their duty-bearers is talk- talk -talk with no implementational action to bring those promises into reality! All is loud-mouth. Big talks and no action! And I hope this game must stop.

One would doubt the honesty of our governments of these decades – with little over 2 million people and still now half of the population live in abject poverty! Not this issue can be kept silent in any heart of any citizen who really cares for the future of his/her country. Not me and I hope not you also.

Fuel price and food prices are skyrocketing, electricity and water bills are no-go arena to talk about as NAWEC’s continues so erratic in supplying power to the public on a daily basis. Any yet, we haven’t seen any step taken by the government of the country in addressing this venom peering into the country, given the fact that more than half of its population live below the World poverty line.

But the scariest issue about this issue is the skyrocketing of basic food commodities – which comes at a time the coronavirus has grounded progress of the World economy, disrupting operations of businesses, and forcing tens of thousands out of job – many of whom are the breadwinners of their families.

The government should know better than anyone that many of those who were laid off in their various workplaces live from hand-to-mouth. So, wouldn’t it be very disturbing for prices on commodities like food and other essential things to life to be rising?

Can you imagine, two roasted bonga fish costs 50 dalasis and not talking about other commodities which no one can survive in life without food. I hope the government would quickly take measures in addressing the problems facing the public sooner.

The writer, Adama Makasuba, is a Gambian journalist.