Thursday, May 30, 2024

A Very Sad Day In Kombo Tujereng: About 14 Dead In Automobile Accident

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By Ebrima Sillah

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It is with deep sorrow that I announce the death of about 14 people who were crushed and rolled over by a tipper-truck early this morning.

The dead were at a junction waiting for early morning transport to ferry them to Serrekunda. Most of them were women vegetable wholesalers from Tujereng and Batokunku who ply between Tujereng and Serrekunda as part of a daily routine to feed their families. But some men were among the dead too.
Most of the dead are identified as strong members of our Kombo Tujereng/Batokunku UDP Group now coalition.

One of the dead, Ms Isatou Jallow, has just even cross carpeted from the ruling APRC following the outcome of the October 30 opposition convention.

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I spoke with her just two days ago with her group of supporters that just abandoned the APRC. Last night she submitted her voter card and those of her comrades to our Tujereng youth mobilizer for them to be included among those nominating Adama Barrow. They were hoping to meet later this evening in our usual Kombo thrice weekly Ward Sensitization meetings.

Rumor is rife in Tujereng and the surrounding villages that this accident may not be unconnected with stories making rounds in Banjul that President Yahya Jammeh was to make human sacrifice to his shrines to guarantee his stay in office.

Just three days ago a man who identified himself as President Jammeh’s ritualist and fortune teller was interviewed on The Fatu Network where he warned that the president was about to give out 70 people as sacrificial charity to his shrines.

The ritualist has further warned parents to be on the look out especially for tinted glass vehicles often without number plates roaming their neighborhoods.

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Also two days ago on Wednesday, President Jammeh himself was spotted around Tanji just some two kilometers from where today’s carnage happened.

Please pray for the dead for Allah (SWT) to have mercy on their souls and to reward them the highest Janna.
It’s really a sad day for us in the Kombos.

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