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The UTG Debacle continues

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Dear Editor:

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If we are going to report for the sake of laying out all he facts, then we must insist on all or nothing. The genesis of the developments between UTG’s Deputy Vice Chancellor (DVC), Dr. Jah, and the Finance Director, Mr. Kojo, is rather deep. First, lets talk about the fateful day of the meeting where it was alleged that DVC, Dr. Omar Jah threatened Mr. Kojo, Finance Director. I will tell you categorically the previous writers on this matter did not report all the facts. I must also say that the previous writers have demonstrated what side they are on; not showing objectivity.


At best, their facts, if you can call them facts are misreported “facts”. The origin of the incident lays in the Finance Director showing disdain for Dr.Jah for: 1) On asking by the Vice Chancellor for Mr. Kojo’s contract to verify if Kojo is entitled to a return ticket for a vacation to the USA, Dr. Jah, as DVC for Admin provided the contract that refuted Kojo’s claim for a ticket. It was discovered that Kojo was disingenuous in trying to get a free ticket to the US. (On pretext that he is entitled, and no one checked before. He has in the previous years approved and paid for a ticket to the US for a vacation from UTG accounts with impunity).This time the VC checked, and he was discovered to have wanted to cheat UTG.

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By Dr. Jah providing this revelation by provision of is contract to the VC, angered Kojo. 2) Kojo was on the pay roll of the WASCAL Project where he was collecting an allowance of close to 500 Euros. He, Kojo had a falling out with the Director of the WASCAL, Dr. Sowe. For his own misbehavior, and demagoguery, Kojo was removed from the WASCAL project, causing lost of the 500 Euros monthly allowance. He also holds Dr. Jah responsible for the lost of this allowance for which he was doing no extra work outside of his role as Finance Director. For this he also harbors anger. 3) Kojo is delusional in thinking that Dr. Jah through Mr. Morro Krubally, engineered a petition to remove Kojo from office.


In one of the meeting I attended, Mr. Krubally categorically denied any involvement or influence from Dr. Jah. Jah, Krubally said, was not even aware of the origins of the Petition. Knowing Mr. Krubally, I can tell you he is not a man you can buy or influence easily. Krubally has the strongest personality I have ever seen in a man of honor. I took Financial Management, Business Ethics and Corporate Governance, Total Quality Management classes with Mr. Krubally, and I can tell you he is a self made man and he cannot be bought by anyone, cert ainly not even Dr. Jah. The whole of UTG respects Mr. Krubally for his firmness, and interpersonal skills. For the petition Kojo also is angery at Dr. Jah. By the way, the petition was not dismissed by the Council.

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I have read the report from Council on the petition. Kojo was not absolved. Council found that there was merit to forward the petition to the VC to constitute a body to look into the petition points. The VC decided to broker peace and bring reconciliation by talking to all parties. The VC, particularly asked to be given a chance to talk to Kojo to reform his ways. 4) Without any precedence at UTG, Kojo sought and was granted 50,000 Dalasi for overtime pay for him and his staff. Instead Kojo surreptitiously paid self approved an extra D100,000 Dalasis without the VC’s knowledge, and this with impunity. The next time around on consultation with Senior Management, the VC did not approve the overtime request from Kojo. For this also he is delusional in thinking that D r. Jah may have convinced the VC not to approve the overtime.


By the way other Departments have never received overtime pay at UTG. For this he is also angry at Dr. Jah. We can also give you a narrative of Kojo’s tenure of incompetence as Finance Director at UTG. For the past 3 years not counting 2014 and 2015, the independent auditors have categorically stated in report after report that Kojo is incompetent. He has no training in accounting and grossly inept as a Finance Director. The accounts were found in shambles and still remain in shambles. The mos recent auditors have reported gross technical gap at the helm of the Finance Dept. at UTG and he Kojo is found to be the primarily cause for the dismal state of affairs at the Finance Dept.


The Auditors simply dismissed any claims that Kojo has any knowledge of Finance or accounting. The auditors simply said no accounting principles are being followed at UTG’s Finance Dept. proving that the Finance Director was incompetent and inept. UTG is in the mess it is in today largely in part because of the disaffection on the part of all staff, and this caused by the way the Fiance Dept is managed or lack thereof. Contact anyone at UTG, and asked which Dept they think needs an immediate reform, and I guarantee you it will be the Finance Dept. A department that approves and pays itself at the same time. Without any regard for conflict of interest rules and proper procedure, a contracts in the tune of 600,000 Dalsis was awarded internally to a staff of the Finance Dept under Kojo’s watch and approval.


Most recently, 400,000 Dalasis was spent on May Day events even when it was not approved by the VC. Kojo approved and wrote the check all by himself. Proper procedure again was not followed. When the Internal Auditor brought a quarry for this payments, she was dismissed and ignored by Kojo. This lead to a report sent to Council. The issue is still not resolved. Several large payments have been made without due process . If someone will pay any heed to the several damning reports on UTG’s Finance Dept, the earth would shake for the gross mismanagement of the UTG finances.


If any one bothers to check, these are all independent report that will collaborate all points stated above. Here is a man who does not know the job and he is being paid close to 100,000 Dalasis in monthly salary plus benefits of a free car, fuel, housing, internet, maid, utilities and more. He respects no one, and fears no one. and he is not the son of this land, and yet he walks around with disdain for Gambians. Gambians are good people who do not discriminate based on nationality or race, but here the treatment meted to UTG staff, and students by The Finance Director, Kojo is unimaginably accepted, and he is allowed by Gambian to get away with it. Time will Tell!


Concerned Former Student

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