Monday, July 22, 2024

My message is to the government employees, especially members of the security forces – the army, police intervention unit and police officers. I want you to be honest with nobody but yourself.

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– Are you happy with the life you are living? Are you satisfied with the salary you take home every month? Is it ever enough to cover your living expenses? Do you own a home or are you renting? Do you own a car or do you take public transportation to work? Better yet, do you stand on the roadside waiting for a ride?

– How many of your friends, colleagues and family members receive a monthly salary that covers their living expenses? How many of them come to you to assist them with money for food, fares, rent or other basic necessities?

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– Is this really the life you envisioned for yourself when you decided to join the security forces? Is this the best you can do in your life or do you think you deserve better? Would a regime that cares about you leave you in this condition?

How many times have you, your family members, neighbors or friends been sick and unable to get treatment at the hospital, or had to scramble to get money for medication?
Just think about it!

Compare the life you’re living to the life Yahya Jammeh and his family are living. While you’re struggling to get to Serekunda Market, Zeineb Suma is flying first class between Dubai, New York and Paris to do her shopping. While you’re struggling for D200 for your child’s school fees, Mariam Jammeh is chilling in a private high school in New York, fees over $20,000 per year. While you cannot afford cash power, or even candles when NAWEC goes out, Jammeh has 24hrs electricity both in Banjul and Kanilai.
Just think about it!

With all this, i did not see Jammeh beating, kicking or arresting anyone during the recent protests. It was YOU and your colleagues! Jammeh was not even in the country. In case you missed it, i would like to point out that this man is NOT worthy of your loyalty or respect. It is sad for you to allow him to continue to use you against your own people. Jammeh cares only about himself and staying in power, and he will do everything to achieve that. He will not hesitate to arrest, torture and murder you like he has done to many others once he is done with you. Where is Lang Tombong Tamba who was so loyal to him? Where is Solo Bojang? Where are Edward Singateh, Yankuba Touray, Sana Sabally and Sadibou Hydara? Where is his cousin, Pa Bojang?

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Is this the man you will commit crimes to protect? What is in it for you? What do you get for following orders to arrest, beat and torture PEACEFUL protesters?
Just Think about it!

See these protesters? These are not strangers. They are not criminals and they are not your enemies for you be aggressive to them. These are your brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and neighbors. The people you live with. Your former school mates or their relatives, your colleagues, the people you meet and share a public transportation with…etc…All they want is for a better life for you and for themselves. All they’re doing is walk the streets and ask that ALL Gambians, including YOU, be treated with the respect every human being deserves – the same oath you made when you signed up for the job you currently have.
Guess what? You are welcome to join them. Yes, you can simply stand and march with them. If you’re sick or in trouble, i promise you you’ll see them before you see Yaya Jammeh by your side!

And if you’re not strong enough to join them in the peaceful march, you can stand by them and do your job…of making sure you protect them so nobody can harm them! It is your obligation to disobey any illegal orders, and any order that tells you to harm innocent Gambians is ILLEGAL!

My brothers, i beg you to obey your conscience and do what you know in your heart is right! Do it for peace, do it for justice, do it for humanity, do it for Gambia…but above all, DO IT FOR YOURSELF!

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Sana Sarr

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