Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Gambia’s Islamic State Project Will Be Officialised Soon With A Bill To Make Sharia The Supreme Law Of The Country

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Gambia’s iron fist dictator Yahya Jammeh has warned that his attempt to make the country a full Islamic State will soon be finalised with a Bill to be tabled before the National Assembly that will officially recognise Sharia as the “supreme law of The Gambia.”

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Dictator Jammeh was speaking at the State Opening of the National Assembly on Thursday March 31st when he made the pronouncement. The dictator who is known for making good of his wild threats even if they defy logic and conscience, said the Islamization drive was in line with the popular wish of the majority of Gambians who want to live an Islamic way.



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Disregarding every constitutional provisions that guarantee the secularity of The Gambian State through entrenched clauses of the constitution, Dictator Jammeh said there was no turning back on the drive to establish a just, equitable and progressive society in The Gambia through Islam and the Sharia law.


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Surprisingly, just two days before his highly anticipated speech which was cancelled two weeks earlier in the last minutes for unexplained reasons, the dictator invited the governing body of all Christian denominations in The Gambia to the State House where the Vice President Mrs Isatou Njie Saidy dished out 2.3million Gambian Dalasis (about $70 000 cash) to them as a gift from the dictator himself.




The occasion to dish out cash to the Christian Council which was recorded live in the full glare of TV cameras is seen as a tacit attempt to push them into silence and submission over the Islamization Project being slowly implemented.


In what appeared to be the biggest blunder in his speech characterised by rambling and incoherence, the dictator condemned those who brand the dreaded ISIS Group as terrorists. The dictator was at pains as to why commentators in the media and Western governments could brand ISIS a terrorist group because they are Muslims “when the KKK in the United States of America and other skin head groups in Europe are being treated differently.”




At a time when terrorist groups are wrecking-havoc even in the Gambia’s backyard by staging daring attacks on hotels and other important public installations, Dictator Jammeh is busy denouncing efforts to contain the threats posed by the terror groups.


Just recently Senegal and a few other countries in West Africa have been warned by the US and its allies in the war against terror to put their forces on alert for eminent attacks on their soil. Mali, Burkina Faso and just recently Ivory Coast have all suffered devastating terrorist attacks where a large number of people lost their lives.




Currently there is an ECOWAS wide initiative to contain the risks associated with terrorism where member countries are joining their strengths together to share intelligence to contain the influence and threats posed by terror groups like ISIS and their sleeper cells in the region.




Although Dictator Jammeh in his incoherent speech said he was against what he called the nefarious activities of terrorist groups, many believe that this is just one of those deliberate schemes by Jammeh to pretend to be condemning something in public when in private, he supports it and in some cases even promote it to get to his perceived enemies.


Of particular concern here is the implication Dictator Jammeh’s Islamization Project will have on Senegal’s efforts to secure its borders against terrorists and their threats to the country. The Fatu Network has gathered that Senegal is one of the countries in the region that is on the hit list of the terror groups.




Many are worried that The Gambia with its weak security and intelligence capabilities to handle even the simplest of threats within its territory, could be used as both a breeding and hiding ground for sleeper cells to possibly lunch attack on Senegal and other countries in the region.

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