The seven idle UK MPs ignoring crimes against humanity committed by British soldiers and inventing frivolous allegations against The Gambia

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The shameless report trending on social media lifted from some Gambian newspapers captioned  “7 UK MPS CALL FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THE TRRC disappointed with Barrow’s broken promise” appears like an insult to Gambia’s political sovereignty and intellectual maturity.

For Gambian newspapers to be publishing such absurd criticisms from bunch of aimless jackasses in the British parliament merely reflects our indefinite mental enslavement to our former colonial masters.

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It is not only a lame attempt to justify the agenda of a discredited TRRC whose report is yet to be completed for public appraisal but a failure to equally realized their partisanship for supporting the politically controversial notion that President Barrow should have stepped down after three years in office as “dictated in the Coalition party MOU” of 2016. One can sense the blockheads behind the lobby!

I don’t care if the so-called long Islington North MP Jeremy Corbyn is part of or even the leader of these bunch of jackasses unwarrantedly attempting to interfere in what is quintessentially Gambia’s internal affairs that even the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has no business in, the whole nonsense left me wondering what these hypocrites have been saying or doing about the world’s recent exposure of the monumental atrocities committed against unarmed and defenseless Iraqis and Afghans by deployed British troops since 2001 now measured above the ICC’s threshold of “War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity”? (Oh, where is Boy Banjul, Essa Faal, our future president to spare us just one more crusade of obliterating these contemporary remnants of Neanderthals? Just leave Chairman Sise, Commissioner Samba and Imam Sey out on this one; and before I forget please don’t bring in Ex-convict Alagie Saidy Barrow as lead investigator either).

According to the investigation the British soldiers had executed innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians and deliberately or illegally murdered fighters “who had surrendered and did not pose any threat” to anyone. The number? Only God Knows!

However the investigation further revealed that successive British government since 2001 “repeatedly interfered in the (British) criminal justice system, most blatantly by ministers shutting down criminal inquiries into UK forces committing those crimes.

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In fact the current government of Boris Johnson is drafting laws before parliament “creating a presumption against prosecution” for alleged crimes committed by UK soldiers overseas more than five years ago.

Why can’t the Gambia government also do the same of passing a law to create a presumption against prosecution of alleged crimes committed during the Jammeh government under scrutiny more that five years ago? What the heck will the difference be other than to throw our useless activists or broke hustlers into a state of misery, demanding our former colonial masters to intervene forthwith?

No wonder the investigators concluded their report with emphasis on the habitual and long history of the failure of the British Empire to prosecute its nationals responsible for atrocities of the worst crimes committed against humanity including of course those against Gambians who were forced into slavery and into their two World-Wars of genocidal magnitude.

So please give us a break with these imbecilic remarks from idle British Parliamentarians dignified by our newspapers.

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