With all honesty Barrow did his best with his UDP family. We all saw how posts were divvied up in 2017. He willingly or unwillingly left out all others not wearing yellow T-shirts. Ambassadors, Ministers, and other key posts save a few, went to UDP supporters or sympathizers. It was all milk and honey then. Any who dared speak or point out such facts got chastised and branded “haters”! “Give the government time you impatient haters and job seekers”! That was the rhetoric. Many folded, did own businesses, went on hibernation or totally gave up on publicly speaking about Gambian affairs. The labels were flying like cheap kites at wharfi nyago! HE was Moses. Those who dared even ask for right spelling of mankamang kunda got rained with “hater and wishes of heart attack” for having the guts!!! Don’t dare call him Adu, or Manasi. That’s the sacred baby and lifesaver so you better reckon. Even with “Banko Taa”, Barrow was still a loyal son.

Then I heard there were WhatsApp audios being disrespectful and saying they control him and other degrading remarks. He was the best since slice bread until he came up with Youth Movement and some started feeling threatened. The breakup started.

It was gradual but intense. At the same time, other Gambians who didn’t see themselves in Administration were speaking louder. Barrow started looking at non UDP and the fragment which was the size of a pebble on a windshield, stretched. The pea sized crack could have been cured but hey, confidence was at its max. Phrases like, “he came from us, we are the biggest, we made him, haters can’t divide us” started flying this time like helium balloons. The signs were ignored due to some false confidence.

That’s all cool but why not be gentler with the hand that was feeding you? Yakarr yap ma! No human will tolerate that! Be honest! Confidence of biggest in Bathurst shielded our outlook. Worldly teachings, tell us no matter our might, we always need each other! Remember you can get a lot with honey than vinegar! Manasi did his bit by filling public posts with his UDP family. Once he saw lack of performance or the need for change, he took action. Why kick your son for doing “the job”? Barrow reshuffle in order to add more Gambians shouldn’t be a problem only because you were affected. Barrow is your Barrow until the cows come home (forever). Nekh nahari 😂. In Gambian culture we don’t throw our sons out once they reach age of eighteen.

Best thing would be to stop the insults and reconcile with your son, our dear President for 5 years😎. Support National Development for all Gambia and NOT just UDP. He ain’t no Dictator and you know it. You told us he was the most humble guy, won’t hurt a fly and a great listener. Well we believe you and agree!!! 😎You also told us 5 years or fe toch, again we yielded and agreed! You can’t unlearn or un hear so spare us! #GambiaNice where kick dae nyaka kick dae is our mantra!💃🏾