Security Stand Off At The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority Imminent

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Dear Editor,


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The security guards at Banjul international airport are gearing up for a stand off because the management do not care about our welfare.

The security officials are graded from H which is the least salary received at civil aviation and with less benefits,  also the condition of the electrical work and other equipment are in a very bad stage which is detrimental to us the guards, other individuals and for general aviation safety.

We have been complaining about it but still no improvements. Some of The guard posts are without toilets which is a basic human need and nothing has been done about it.

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The worst of it all, there is a serious sanitary condition with the uncovered sewage system. Each time the auditors come to audit they tell ask us to cover up stories to backup their failures.

The unit (Security) personnel are now fed up and are appealing to the auditors not to only link with the management, but to contact us directly. This way they will have a proper auditing once they liaise with the guards on the ground for correct and reliable information. They will know whatever is happening at The BANJUL international airport. Not just made up stories. This is just Part (1). Part 2 will come soon.

Thank you for the space.

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