By Foroya Newspaper


Constitutional reform was recommended by the opposition when Jammeh was in office. One envisaged that once the opposition takes over office a national conference will be held involving all political parties, civil society, religious leaders and other stakeholders in order to brainstorm on constitutional, electoral, institutional and administrative reforms.

One would have expected that such a national conference will come up with a comprehensive reform package which would be forwarded to the government for consideration. One would have thought that the government would either revitalise the law reform commission or establish a constitutional review commission to look into the reform package proposed and conduct proper consultation to ensure that a comprehensive reform agenda is prepared and sent to the National Assembly.

What is however happening is a piecemeal approach to constitutional reform. The Bill, which was rushed and unconstitutionally passed has now been published in the gazette as required by the constitution and is likely to be presented to the National Assembly not less than three months ten days from the date of the second publication.

Why are the other aspects of the reform package not been given the same urgency? This is the question that many readers are asking. We hope the authorities concerned will bear this in mind. The government must be seen to be committed to its manifesto and reform pledges. It should not be seen to be driven by particular interests.