NCP Unveils Presidential Candidate

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National Convention Party (NCP) has unveiled its presidential candidate for the upcoming December 1 presidential elections.

On 18 June, 2016 in Brikama, the administrative capital of West Coast Region, the NCP announced that Dr. Lamin Bolonding Bojang is its new party leader and secretary general.

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Dr. Bojang, a former leader of the defunct People’s Democratic Party (PDP), told journalists that “The Gambia matters and that the seat of presidency is very crucial so it should be given to a credible person.”
“I am ready to sacrifice my life in the interest of Gambians, we want continuous peace and stability in The Gambia, but we are not out for a revenge,” he said.

He urged all Gambians to exercise their constitutional rights wisely by voting for a leader who is answerable to them and will bring development to their doorstep.


Dr. Bojang NCP
Jerrehba Jammeh, NCP’s deputy secretary general and party leader, said that NCP was formed in 1975 under the late Sheriff Mustapha Dibba, one of the pioneers of Gambia’s independence.

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“We took part in elections, represent Gambians in parliament until in 1994 when the military took over and we were banned,” he said. “We want to inform the electorate that NCP still exist as a credible party with the intentions of effecting change through the ballot box.”
“We are urging all Gambians to join hands to ensure that democracy, human rights and rule of law to flourish in our beloved nation,” Jammeh said.

Majanko Samusa, NCP’s national mobiliser and campaign manager, said they call for free and fair elections. He said if the NCP is given the chance to be the flag bearer of the opposition coalition they will do better than all previous governments in The Gambia.

“We are yearning for electoral reform for a level playing field in the December presidential elections,” he said.
“We cherish the peace and stability of The Gambia, but we want to endeavor to remove [the ruling] APRC regime from power because of its lack of respect for human rights, and political freedom,” Samusa said.

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“We revive the NCP, we are ready as we believe in Gambians to answer to urgent needs of the country that is to vote out a system that has failed to deliver its promise to it people.”

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