Reports are now emerging over the possible reason why the Gambia government unexpectedly withdrew security protection to the US Embassy in Banjul.

According to The Fatou Network’s impeccable sources, for almost a year now, The Gambia government deployed only unarmed security men to the US Embassy complex and its other diplomatic facilities. This came about following a complaint from The Gambia to the US Government over lack of security at its Embassy complex in Washington DC.

The Gambia government was particularly angry at what it calls “the persistent break-in and intrusion in its Embassy premises by protestors from the Democratic Union of Gambian Activists (DUGA) in the US.” It is understood that The Gambia had sent repeated complaints to the US government over the frequent protests inside its embassy complex by Gambian nationals who are naturalized in the US. Most of the embassy protest were organized and led by DUGA, a pro-democracy group based in the Washington DC area of the US.

According to our sources, the US government through its Embassy in Banjul had told the Gambia government that since their Embassy in DC is a private property, it was important for the staff inside to close their doors while at work. The US government however assured the Gambia that its secret service in the DC area were always present within minutes anytime an incident is reported.

Unhappy with the response from the US government, The Gambia government also angrily unarmed all the police guards at the US Embassy Banjul for almost a year. When this happened, our sources said the US Embassy brought up the issue about arming the guards, but the police ignored it.

A personal intervention from the US Ambassador through a direct discussion with dictator Jammeh who according to our sources agreed to restore armed police back to the Embassy but as everything Jammeh, he kept negating on his promise. In fact the Fatu Network has got reliable information that the US Embassy in Banjul was paying the police for the service of providing security to its facilities.

This latest erratic action by Gambia’s dictator came at a time when there are mounting concern over the safety of Western Diplomats and diplomatic missions in West Africa following an increase in the activities of Islamists groups and their affiliates in the region. No wonder the US Embassy has had to cancel all non-essential services at the embassy possibly for security concerns.