After successfully staying at Home on December 20, now we go to next step.

Carry Your Gambia Flag from tomorrow December 22. Every day. Whether it is a small or big flag, or scarf or hat or shirt, just carry the Gambia flag. Fly the flag in your home. Place it on your desk. Hang it on your vehicle. Change your social media profiles to the Gambia colours. Red, White, Blue, White, Green.

Let the national colours show everywhere.

We want to show and carry our national colours to tell Yahya Jammeh that the African Bar Association cannot save you. Desperation has forced him to run to a bunch of corrupt foreigners to destroy our country, but we will not allow it. We will show him our national colours. Let us show him that we love the Gambia and the Gambia is as peaceful and beautiful as our national colours. Red, White, Blue, White, Green. Pure colours of God and humanity. Yahya Jammeh and the African Bar Association cannot soil these pure and serene colours of liberty, peace and justice.

Carry your National Flag from Tomorrow. Let us stand for the Gambia.

Dictators live and die with power. Dictators never ever willingly leave power until pushed out. Dictators have only one objective, which is remain in power till the end of time. Dictators are parasites like mosquitoes and amoeba.

The only reason Dictators do not leave power is because Dictators are afraid of accountability because the Dictator knows he has committed heinous crimes and atrocities. The Dictator knows he has stolen so much public wealth and he does not want to lose that wealth. This is why Dictators have never ever left power since the days of the Biblical/Quranic Pharaohs to Hitler to Saddam Hussein to Idi Amin to Blaise Campaore and now to Yahya Jammeh. They are of the same breed. Blood suckers!

Dictatorship is the acquisition and control of state power by a criminal. Dictatorship is a political system in which State Power is used as a tool to achieve economic objectives, illegally. This is why all Dictators are richer than their people. Dictatorship uses violence and deception to control his people and subject them to obedience and submission. So long as the people are not resisting the Dictator, then Dictatorship thrives on and on.

This is why civil disobedience is the strongest weapon against a Dictator. The use of legal, nonviolent and peaceful means of resistance kills the moral, legal and political power base of the Dictator. This is why each and every Gambian must be engaging in civil disobedience.

We must engage in civil disobedience in order to isolate and disempower Yahya Jammeh until he agrees to peacefully hand over power to Adama Barrow on January 19. Willingly or not. But certainly peacefully.
Let the flag fly!

By Madi Jobarteh