By Lamin Njie

A British woman who often travels to The Gambia has poked holes in an article written by The Sun describing The Gambia as a sex paradise for retired British tourists.

The UK newspaper in an exclusive piece written by Georgette Culley and published on Sunday March 24, 2019 says “The Gambia has become a sex paradise for British grans that makes Magaluf look tame.”

Magaluf is a major holiday resort on the Spanish island of Majorca which primarily caters to the European holiday market.

Jodi Goodwin reacting to the highly exaggerated piece said: “The Gambia is an extremely beautiful but poor country. There is an element of ‘sex tourism’ in a very small area of the country.

“Articles like this put travellers off visiting the Gambia, it is over exaggerated and applies to only the most touristy areas. I know several mature ladies who live/travel there for the healthy sunshine and sea air and they do not behave in this way.

“At the end of the day, to each her own and as long as both parties understand the situation and are not hurting anyone why not let them be!!! I love the country. I would not like this irresponsible journalism and Mrs Leeth’s view to damage the badly needed tourist industry supporting the Gambia.”